IHS Pakistan
111 DOCTOR (111 362 867)
Public Health Consultancies

Conducts consultancies, innovative interventions, donor designed projects, studies and surveys through a team of professionals including clinical specialists, public health scientists, HMIS experts & data analysts

School Health Services

Ranging from in-house school clinics to health education programs and teachers capacity building, general health & nutritional assessments

Clinical Services

Including clinics, MNCH centers, Children Hospital, Lab & Vaccination services

Home Nursing Care

Including 24/7 medical helpline facility through dedicated UAN number 111 DOCTOR, on call doctors, medics, ambulances and nurses for long term homecare

Occupational & Corporate Health Services

With a key team of experts/consultants IHS provide occupational health consultancies & Trainings on as and when required basis

About Us

Integrated Health Services (IHS) is working with the objective of integrating health services in one system to provide healthcare that is not just quality based but reliable, affordable and covers all spectrums of the society.

From a modest start in 1996, IHS has grown into a conglomerate of health services with no parallel in Pakistan. With operations spread from Islamabad to KPK, Karachi, interior Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan and Balochistan, IHS is involved in provision of a wide range of curative and preventive health services along with interests in research, consultancies, public health trainings and health infrastructure development.IHS achieved this success due to the innovative approach of the founding board and untiring efforts of its dedicated and committed team of health professionals.


Ongoing Projects

PPP Project Sindh

IHS has a contract with the department of health, Government of Sindh to operate 110 Health facilities (including 104 RHCs and 06 THQ Hospitals) in 21 districts of Sindh under Public Private Partnership Initiative.

Ring a Doctor

Ring a Doctor is an online audio/video consultation platform that allows real-time interaction between a doctor and patient. Ring a Doctor aims to provide virtual healthcare focusing on convenience and comfort. It is the future of healthcare and obviates barriers to efficiency and access.

IMR Pakistan

Institure of Meidcal Rehabilitation Inaugurated on 1st September 2015.

Our Clients & Partners