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Occupational & Corporate Health Services

Healthy employees are the key to the future and success of an organization. The corporate world of the 21st century is different from what it was a few years back. Speed of work has increased tremendously. We are living in a mechanized, computerized global village with a fast paced economy where time is money. Modernization has brought many benefits but along with that it has its negative aspects too. Effects on health due to occupation are now well recognized.

The pressures of the fast paced system start taking its toll. Health is affected.  This is where IHS, the leading healthcare provider of Pakistan, intervenes, through tailored health management plans ensuring that the health of the employee, their dependants and the company as a whole is not only well maintained but infact enhanced in a very systematic, hassle free and cost effective manner without compromising on quality.

The IHS Corporate Health System covers the full spectrum from hiring an employee, to meeting his/her day to day needs, protecting health through health education, timely vaccinations, and health & safety measures to shield the employee from occupational health hazards.

Corporations are finding that establishing work site wellness programs drastically reduces health care costs while employee productivity and morale are increased. The benefits to be gained from the development of a healthy workplace are:

q  Increased productivity

q  Reduced absenteeism

q  Reduction of expense on treatment due to accidents or ill health

q  Better recruitment and lower employee turnover

q  Improved employee relations

q  Lower levels of occupational stress

q  Improved work environment

q  Improved corporate image

Whether a company is large or small, our goal is to customize a health management program that meets the needs of each individual employee.  We work with businesses to develop a supportive environment while encouraging every employee to take part in the enhancement of their health and well-being.

IHS Corporate Healthcare Division is supported by other IHS divisions to provide complete health solutions to the corporate and industrial sector. These include:

1.          Clinical Care Services

2.          Occupational Health


Clinical / Medical Care

Companies get registered with IHS through payment of a monthly retainer-ship fee that varies with the number of employees covered, the services selected and the geographic location. They are provided the following services (Most services mentioned are completely free for companies registered with IHS through monthly or annual retainer-ship. Consumables like vaccinations, lab tests, etc. are charged as actual. Companies can also utilize any service on as and when required basis without a regular retainer; however in such cases availability of a specific service cannot be guaranteed):

24 hr. Medical Help line – 111 DOCTOR

Employees and their families can call round the clock to seek advice and consultation on phone about an illness or a medical problem. This service is free.

24 hr. House Call Facility (IHS Home Medical Care Services)

IHS doctors, paramedics and ambulances are on standby at all times at three different points in Islamabad to be called to home or office in case of a medical emergency day or night.

IHS Clinics

IHS operates quality clinics at three central locations in Islamabad thus practically covering the whole city. Employees & their families can seek treatment from these IHS centers whenever they need it on specially subsidized fees & priority with no waiting time and hassle. Mode of payment can be cash/credit card at special panel rates or through monthly billing to the company.

Facilitation of Medical Appointments

IHS manages and coordinates appointments and hospital admission of employees and family members. This ranges from confirming appointments, guiding and accompanying the patient and coordination with hospital authorities to get preferential treatment for the employee especially in case of medical emergencies. This service is free for companies registered with IHS.

Vaccination Services

All employees are assessed for their immunization requirements. IHS conducts all vaccinations and follow up on booster doses specially Hepatitis B. The service can be availed either through IHS vaccination centers or by calling the vaccinator to your home/office. For large groups vaccinations can be arranged at any location in Pakistan.

Health Education & Awareness

On common and current health issues like dengue fever, bird flu, SARS, earthquake injuries, typhoid epidemics, etc. IHS provides awareness literature, and conducts on site lectures and seminars.

Pre Employment Health Screening

At the time of hiring a new employee it is necessary to undertake a comprehensive medical examination to know the status of employee’s health and the possibilities of his or her being suffering from any disease that may become a burden on the company in the future. Besides this is also important from ergonomic point of view, as job placement should be according to the physical abilities of the employee.

Annual or Periodic Medical Examination

Depending on the employee’s age, physical status and job requirement periodic (usually at 1-3 year interval) examinations are conducted for detection, prevention and early correction of any potential medical problem. More details about pre employment and periodic medical examinations are available on request.

Health & Fitness Testing

Health and fitness testing gives your staff the opportunity to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Testing can include:

§  Cholesterol

§  Blood Pressure

§  Blood Glucose (diabetes)

§  Cardiovascular fitness

§  Body composition

§  Muscular endurance and flexibility

§  Body Mass Index (BMI)

Each employee is given a written record of his or her results. On completion of the testing, a report is compiled for the perusal of the management / HR dept.

Emergency & Rescue Services for the Corporate Sector:

IHS provides a complete range of medical emergency services for the corporate sector including:

1.  24-hour emergency call-out by a doctor with an ambulance anywhere in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

2.  On site stabilization and if needed transportation of critically ill / injured to a hospital facility.

3.   Assistance for hospitalization and monitoring of admitted cases by our medical staff.

4.   Routine house calls / call out by a doctor in non-emergency cases by appointment.

5.   Maintenance of confidential medical files of all staff.

6.   OPD consultation at IHS owned clinics.

7.   Round the clock on–line (telephonic) medical advisory service.

8.   Annual Health / Hygienic / Safety audits of the office or factory.

9.   Coordination of appointments / referrals to specialists.

10. Development and management of In-house clinics in large buildings / offices during office hours.

The above services are available to corporate and individual clients on a monthly retainer that varies according to the number of employees, location and the services requested.