Home Medical Care


Organized Home Medical Care is a relatively new concept in our country. IHS is the pioneer of “Home Medical Care” in Pakistan and is currently operating the largest and the most efficient and reliable home care team in the country with services available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore.
Through round the clock available team of specially trained doctors and paramedics in the art of personalized home care, IHS provides services like House-Call doctors/ specialists/ paramedics, collection of lab samples, vaccinations, infusions and medical procedures, in the comfort of home or office through a call on IHS 24 hr. UAN Medical Help line.
IHS also provides home nursing facilities for prolonged periods for chronically and terminally sick patients. This includes provision of doctors, nurses and paramedics for extended periods even months, at home. Besides the clinical services IHS arranges for home medical equipment such as nebulizers, wheel chairs, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, suction units, cardiac monitors, etc. on nominal rent.
These services are only a telephone call away from our valued patrons.
A partial list of services is mentioned below, details of the full range of home medical services can be obtained by contacting the Manager Home Care (homecare@ihspakistan.com):

  1. 24 hour Free Medical Help Line 111-DOCTOR (111 362 867) for advice and consultation.
  2. 24 hour Home Delivery of Medicines (charged at actual pharmacy rates)
  3. 24 hours House-Call Doctor for medical problems and consultation.
  4. Home-Call Paramedic day and night for injection, drips, blood pressure, blood sugar, stitching, wound management etc.
  5. 24 hour Home Collection of Samples for any Lab of the city and home delivery of reports (charged at actual lab rates-no extra charges)
  6. Home Medical Safety advisory service.
  7. “Health Card” up to 20 % discount at quality medical facilities of the town.
  8. Annual Health Assessment and general checkup at IHS Centers.
  9. ”Health File System” to maintain your health records for future reference, analysis and advise.
  10. Provision of house hold medical equipment like first aid boxes, blood pressure
  11. apparatus, hospital bed, Wheel-chair, oxygen cylinder, glucometer, nebulizer etc, at nominal rent.
  12. Facilitation of appointments and hospital admissions.
  13. Free EPI vaccinations and subsidized specific vaccinations.
  14. Home Nursing Care and ICU Facilities for terminally sick patients by our team of trained home care nurses and medical assistants.
  15. Physiotherapy at home by qualified physiotherapists