IHS Pakistan
111 DOCTOR (111 362 867)

Clinical Services

IHS provides 24 hrs. emergency medical cover through a team of doctors, medics and ambulances in Islamabad and Rawalpindi city urban areas to its registered clients/organizations/schools.

IHS Help-line Numbers

+92 51 111 362 867 (111 DOCTOR) – Central Helpline

+92 51 226 0001 (Land line on exchange network)

+92 300 8553 773

+92 51 2299696 & 2299612 (Pediatric Helpline)

Islamabad Medical Emergency Response Unit

In the center of Islamabad on Nazimuddin Road, sector F-8 IHS has been operating a medical emergency response unit since 1998. This unit consists of the following:

A team of doctors & medics fully trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Trauma.

On-call Ambulances.

A telephone help line.

Individual Doctor's and Medic bags / supplies filled with all emergency medicines, injections, trauma kits and related instruments.


Rescue 15 Islamabad Police

The quality and reliability of IHS Rescue Services is apparent by the fact that IHS is the founder of Islamabad Police Rescue 15 Medical Operations. In December 1999 the Islamabad Police initiated the concept of Rescue 15 services in Pakistan on the pattern of 911 in US. This required an emergency medical unit. At this juncture IHS joined hands with ITP in providing medical support. IHS based 4 of its doctors trained in ACLS at the Rescue 15 center in sector G-8, Islamabad, on 6 hour daily shift basis along with 3 ambulances. All Police officers at the center were given training in first aid while 8 officers were attached with the medical unit as Medics after gaining training from 'Khansa Institute of Paramedical Sciences', an IHS teaching institution. Later in 2002 IHS also started managing the Traffic Police Medical Office where an IHS doctor was deputed to conduct medical examination of driving license applicants. While in 2003 IHS signed an agreement with Islamabad Police to manage the 'Police Hospital' at Police Lines in sector H-11. However this project couldn’t take off due to various problems. That finally led to IHS pulling out of all Police projects in September 2005.

IHS Medical Facilities in Islamabad

IHS operates quality medical facilities at the following locations in Islamabad: IHS Specialists Clinic, I-8: A 9 to 9 primary healthcare setup in the Markaz of sector I-8 staffed with Family Physicians, Child Specialist, Gynecologist, Medical specialist, Sonologist and Nursing staff with facilities of ECG, Ultrasound, Lab sample collection, standby ambulance and house calls. IHS Clinic, F-8: Operational from 10 am to 6 pm this clinic provides specialists and general consultation facilities along with lab collection & ambulance services. IHS Diplomatic Medical Center, Diplomatic Enclave: Located in the center of the Islamabad’s diplomatic enclave this 24hr. operational center caters to the needs of the diplomatic community in Islamabad. Round the clock doctors, nurses and fully equipped ambulances are present at IDMC along with visiting consultants (Pediatrician, medical specialist, surgeon & gynecologist) at specific hours. (Discontinued in 2011).

IHS Children Hospital

State of the art, Islamabad’s first specialized child health facility located in F-10/1 Islamabad is open 24 hrs. with round the clock availability of the following facilities:

Child specialists – This is the only facility in Islamabad with 24 hr. availability of child specialists

Child related specialties like pediatric surgeon, child psychologists, preventive pediatrician, developmental consultants, child neurologist, eye & ENT specialist, etc.

All vaccinations – for newborns to infants, children & also adults

Laboratory – with on-site facility of all routine and specialized tests on state of the art equipment

Admission facility – Private rooms, specially designed for children

Specialized Pediatric Operation Theatre for all types of minor & major children surgeries

Neonatal ICU with baby incubators, baby warmers, phototherapy lamps and cardiac monitors

Rehabilitation services including:

Speech therapy


Occupational therapy

Child & adolescent psychologists

24 hr. pediatric telephone helpline: 2299696 & 2299612


Institute of Medical Rehabilitation (IMR)

The Institute of Medical Rehabilitation (IMR) has been established to provide a full range of rehab services to the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi while maintaining the highest professional standards. This one of its kind facility is located centrally in Islamabad just behind the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in G-8 Markaz thus easily accessible from all areas. The founders of the center have over 80 years of cumulative experience in the field of rehabilitation spanning from teaching to clinical and management. The Institute's core team consists of Physical Therapists, Speech & Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Experts in Prosthetics and Orthotics. The team also works closely with Neurosurgeons, Internists, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Pediatricians and Orthopedic Surgeons taking a holistic approach to managing the rehab needs of each individual in a friendly and caring environment adhering to international standards. Our Therapists have advanced clinical skills and have established a strong reputation in the medical community for helping clients achieve their goals of returning to better function following injury or disease. The main services being offered include:

Pain Management

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy

Occupational Therapy

Provision of Prosthetics and Orthotics

Speech and Language Pathology (Dealing with a variety of communication & swallowing disorders)

Pediatric / adolescent comprehensive rehabilitation clinic.

Psycho-social counseling

Pain management

The above services can be availed by clients of all ages from children to adults and older individuals. Home Services are also available within Islamabad city.

Laboratory Services

IHS has contracts with the top labs of the country including Aga Khan, Excel, Shokat Khanum and Islamabad Diagnostic Center. It feeds samples collected through Home Care and Corporate Health Division to these labs. IHS has its own lab facilities as well with the name of Integrated Lab Services (ILS). ILS conduct routine tests and screening for HIV, Hepatitis B & C through state of the art machines including Hematology and Biochemistry Analyzers, ELISA, Automated Electrolyte Analyzer, etc.

Vaccination Services

With specialized vaccination centers IHS cover’s all vaccine preventable diseases. IHS provides these vaccinations either through static centers or by mobile teams. During the last ten years over a million persons have been vaccinated. Emphasis is laid on those vaccinations that are usually missed, like Hepatitis, Typhoid and MMR. An efficient and reliable HMIS ensures that all patients are reminded of their due dates so that they get their doses at the right time. Only fresh stocks of World Health Organization approved vaccines are used under strict cold chain maintenance. IHS covers the following diseases through vaccination: 1. Pertussis 2. Tetanus 3. Hepatitis A & B 4. Pneumonia 5. Typhoid 6. Measles, Mumps & Rubella 7. Influenza 8. Meningitis 9. Rabies 10. Polio 11. Chicken Pox Through literature, lectures and seminars awareness is created on the importance of prevention through vaccination. Vaccination camps are arranged for mass/group vaccinations at public places, schools, offices, and industrial premises. IHS has arranged more than five hundred vaccination camps during the last 10 years in all the four provinces.

IHS Health Card

In 2001 IHS launched the first ever ‘Health Card’ in Islamabad. Through the IHS Health Card the members can receive the following benefits:

Discounts at designated facilities.

Free medical helpline services

Free annual medical checkups

Participation in health awareness activities

Receive quarterly IHS Health Newsletter

The card is available for both individuals and groups including corporate and educational institutions. The coverage area is shortly planned to be extended to include Lahore and Karachi also.